Black 'N Blue

80’s hard rockers, Black ‘N Blue were formed in 1981 and released four successful and critically acclaimed albums through Geffen Records including their self-titled debut (1984),“Without Love” (1985), “Nasty Nasty” (1986), and “In Heat” (1987), with the latter two albums produced by the legendary Gene Simmons of KISS. The band, which featured Jaime St. James (vocals), Tommy Thayer (lead guitar, and currently performing with KISS as the replacement for Ace Frehley), Jef “Woop” Warner (guitar), Patrick Young (bass), and Pete Holmes (drums), started in Portland, OR as a group of friends that came together to make their mark on 80’s hard rock. The band eventually relocated to Los Angeles and was signed to Geffen Records.

Black ‘N Blue would go on to sell over a million albums throughout their tenure in the 80’s. The band scored a hit single in “Hold On To 18” (which was featured on the group’s first release), a track that is widely known as a hard rock classic and still garners airplay on stations across the country. Their 2nd single (off Without Love) Miss Mystery was a great success for the band. In addition, the band toured relentlessly with the likes of KISS, Aerosmith, Queensryche, Night Ranger, Yngwie Malmsteen, among other platinum acts.

In early 2003, vocalist Jaime St. James reformed Black ‘N Blue. Joining St. James were original members Warner, Holmes and Young along with new guitarist Shawn Sonnenschien. The band began recording a new album titled “Hell Yeah!” Recording of the album came to a halt when Jaime St. James joined Warrant as their new lead vocalist in February of 2004. Jaime toured the world with Warrant for four years.

In 2008, plans to get back into the studio and finish the “Hell Yeah!” album were underway, as well as festival appearances and other touring. The new album (on Frontiers Records) is described as “classic” Black ‘N Blue as heard on the group’s original recordings and promises not to disappoint.” In 2012 BNB performed on the massively successful Monsters of Rock Cruise with Cinderella, Tesla, UFO, Kix, and many more… they will be back on the cruise in 2013! 30 years of rock, 4 out of five original members, and still kickin’ ass!