Florin and Nineta Cristea, as kids growing up in Romania and coming from a very religious background, the odds being the parents of a heavy metal band living in Los Angeles are astronomical. Twenty years and five kids later, the dream/nightmare continues...

Forever branded as the black sheep of their family and church, they have dedicated their lives to their kids and their musical dreams.

Sam - There are very few shredding guitar players who can do the moon walk as good as Sam. His early days as a street performer being a Michael Jackson impersonator, he honed his ability to entertain the crowd. He's currently the brains of all Liliac's video productions.

Aby - Before she was introduced to music she was a quiet reserved student focused on math and astronomy with dreams of some day traveling to Mars. After discovering Roger Taylor, the drummer from the band Queen, Aby put all her efforts to study drum in classic rock and metal music. Today she is one of the hardest hitting female drummer in Los Angeles, CA.

Melody - Melody is the lead vocalist and bass player in the band Liliac. She has come a long way from her days of singing Titanic in the shower getting ready for school. Although she was influenced by many singers, it wasn't until she discovered Ronnie James Dio that her life was changed forever.

Ethan - The eleven years old Ethan is the second guitar player for the band Liliac. Although he has been playing only for a few years, he is able to pull off solos for Iron maiden and Nirvana effortlessly. An avid video gamer who is only in the music business for the money which he will spend at Game Stop.

Justin - Justin is the youngest member of the band and the family... After years of piano lessons, Justin has decided stand up comedy is much more rewarding. Unfortunately, getting out of the band is like getting out of the mafia!!!