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We need YOU! Your mission is to ROCK as hard as humanly possible on each and every KISS Kruise, the wildest party on the high seas. We think you’re up for the challenge, and for each mission you complete, you’ll be honored and recognized.

Our alumni program promotes you by moving you up through the ranks based on how many missions (Kruises) you complete.

On your first kruise, you’ll be known as a Sailor.

On your second mission, you’ll be promoted to Petty Officer.

On your third mission, you’ll be promoted to Lieutenant.

On your fourth mission, you'll be promoted to Commander.

On your fifth mission, you'll be promoted to Captain
On your sixth mission, you'll be promoted to Admiral.
On your seventh mission, you'll be promoted to Senior Fleet Admiral.

As a token of our appreciation for your service, you’ll receive a KISS Kruise dog tag commemorating your mission aboard The KISS Kruise VII.

KISS and the Department of Sixthman ask: Do you have what it takes?

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