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KISS Fan By Affiliation Happy Hour

Created by the friends and family of KISS’s biggest fans, the KISS FBA has become a thriving community of caring kruisers. Whether you’re already a part of the club or looking to meet new friends, stop by this happy hour to enjoy a few cocktails and spend quality time with some quality members of the KISS Navy!

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Autograph Session

Get those sharpies ready, grab your favorite piece of memorabilia, and meet your favorite KKVIII artists from the supporting lineup!

Please note - KISS and Ace Frehley are not included in this Autograph Session.

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Rock And Roll Party: Late Night Dance Party with Wayland

Our theme night is Destroyer so you know what that means . . . time for a late night dance party! The music will be bumping, the dance floor will be open and the band Wayland will be there to live it up with you, so bring your friends and celebrate the penultimate KISS album of the 70’s!

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KISS Karaoke

What can we say? KISS Karaoke is a KISS Kruise tradition! Start practicing your doe-ray-me’s and get your pipes ready to belt out as much KISS as possible.

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I Just Wanna Swag Swap

If you’re a KISS Kollector and you just wanna swap some of your swag with your fellow kruisers, then this activity is for you! Items for trade can be KISS related, something special from your hometown, or both. Either way this is a great way to connect with your fellow KISS kruisers during our Revenge theme night!
Please note – selling of swag is strictly prohibited. This swap is for trading only.

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Wall of Sound Open Jam Session

This year we’re giving YOU – the guests – a stage to showcase your musical chops! Feel free to show up with your band, or arrive solo to be matched up with fellow kruisers. Either way, we expect this Wall of Sound to bring down the house!

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Eat Your Heart Out Bacon & Bingo

Sure, you've played Bingo before, but have you played Monster themed, Eat Your Heart Out Bacon & Bingo?! We'll have a buffet set up that is chock-full of bacon flavored everything. Fill your belly while potentially winning some cold, hard, cash. The more that play, the bigger the pot of winnings! 

Bingo cards can be purchased on board 1 hour prior to start of game. 

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We’re turning Norwegian Jade into our very own KISS museum complete with rare items from the depths of KISStory! These one-of-a-kind pieces of memorabilia will be scattered throughout the Jade’s display cases and you’ll be able to peruse them at your leisure.

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Horror Movie Film Fest

It’s just not Halloween if there’s not an element of spook and scare! End your All Hallows’ Eve with a few classic horror films: KISS Meets Phantom of the Park, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

More Fun!

Detroit Rock City Screening

Taking a break from all of the sea and sun? Rest up for the Destroyer theme night by sitting back, snacking on some popcorn, and enjoying the classic KISS inspired movie, Detroit Rock City!

More Fun!

Sure Know Something KISS Trivia

You’re sure to know SOMETHING about KISS, right? Well, this trivia game is perfect for you! Join your fellow kruisers in a head-to-head competition and find out who knows the most about KISS, the Dynasty album and more!

More Fun!

Ask Sixthman

Join Sixthman Jess and crew as they take questions from the crowd on how the most rock n’ roll party at sea is made.

KISS Konfidential Panels

This year we’re upping our KISS Konfidential Panel game with not one, but three panels! When it comes to all things KISS, these panels will deliver the much sought after behind-the-band info the KISS Navy loves!

Panel 1: Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick

Panel 2: Members of the KISS Production Crew

Panel 3: Michael James Jackson


Each panel will feature an in-depth interview between the panelists and Keith Leroux, plus a short Q&A. Do you have a question you’ve been dying to ask one of our panelists? You’re in luck! We are taking submissions for the Ace & Bruce panel and The KISS Crew panel. During the Michael James Jackson panel, Sixthman staff will be on hand to take questions from the crowd.

Each guest may submit one question for the Ace & Bruce panel and one question for the KISS Crew panel. Simply fill out the form HERE by Tuesday, October 16th.

Ask Doc

When you’ve made an extremely successful career out of managing some of rock n roll’s finest, you’ve definitely got some wild stories to share! That’s just what KISS manager, Doc McGhee will reveal during this behind the scenes Q&A session.

Questions must be submitted HERE by Tuesday, October 16th.

Battleshots with The Dead Daisies

It’s the coolest adult version of a kids’ board game ever created! Teams of 5 will compete against each other as they try to sink the opposing team’s fleet of ships – which just so happen to be made of tasty shots. The Dead Daisies will be on hand to coach the two final teams as they battle it out for victory. It will surely be an epic Battleshots tournament!

Slots will fill up fast so be sure to sign up HERE.


Kids Trick or Treat Candy Swap

If there’s one thing kids love about Halloween, it’s candy! You and your kiddo* are invited to bring their favorite treat to trade with other members of the Junior KISS Navy. By the end of this sweet swap, your little one will walk away with a bag full of goodies!

*Participants limited to those ages 3-17 and 1 parent.


Kid’s Cupcake Decorating

Members of the Junior KISS Navy can’t resist a delicious cupcake. Especially one they decorated themselves! Kids registered with Splash Academy are eligible for participation.*

*Ages 3-12 only. Please sign up your children by November 1st.

Lip Sync Competition Hosted by KISS

It's the celebrity craze that's sweeping the nation, and we're bringing it to The KISS Kruise VIII - announcing Lip Sync Competition Hosted KISS! Now's your chance to rock out like this, or perhaps like this, or even this! Do YOU have what it takes to wow Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric as well as the crowd with your performance and lip syncing skills?

How it works:

  • Booked guests may submit their video entries by Friday, October 12th using the form below.
  • Video submissions should be around one minute long, with a max length of 1:30 minutes.
  • Guests are welcome to submit solo or as a group. There is a maximum of 5 guests permitted in each group submission. Please fill out ALL Sixthman usernames for those that plan to participate on the ship with you.
  • Submissions will be judged on: 1. Accuracy 2. Energy 3. Costume/Props 4. Overall Performance
  • A panel of Sixthman lip sync experts (yes, that's a thing) will select finalists to perform on the cruise. Finalists will be notified via email around Friday, October 19th.

For full details on submissions and how this activity will work on board, go HERE

Deadline to submit is Friday, October 12th.

The Kruise Kitchen with Paul Stanley

It's not a KISS Kruise if you aren't immersed in all things KISS and that includes getting to know your heroes better than any other fan. Paul Stanley may be a rock n roll god but he also has a love of cooking that he'll be sharing with the KISS Navy, once again! 

Watch and learn as the Starchild cooks up a few of his favorite culinary creations on stage. Plus, 5 lucky kruisers will get to watch from the stage, taste each dish, and maybe even try their hand at cooking as well. For the chance to be one of the 5 guests chosen, fill out the submission form HERE.

Deadline to sign up is Monday, August 20th. 

Paul Stanley's Rock N Roll Art Class

You've admired Paul Stanley's artistic talents in the onboard galleries of Wentworth and now you will have the chance to witness the Starchild's creative genius live and in person!

In this Rock N Roll Art Class, 15 lucky kruisers will join Paul on stage to create their own work of art inspired by one of his original masterpieces. Not only will Paul instruct those on stage in the techniques that he, himself uses - he'll also reveal some of his own influences and inspirations when it comes to creating his one-of-a-kind paintings.

If you'd like the chance to get your creative juices flowing with the Starchild, fill out the submission form HERE

Deadline to sign up is Monday, August 20th

Gene Simmons on Power

Gene Simmons has enjoyed many successes in his life, from fronting the hottest band in the world, to creating the KISS empire! One of the most admirable things about the Demon is his business know-how and entrepreneurial skills. 

In a KISS Kruise first, Gene will share his philosophy on power with the KISS Navy. His lessons on attaining, keeping, and harnessing power are sure to change your business and your life. This treat for kruisers of all ages will include a motivational talk as well as short Q&A with questions submitted by you! 

To submit a question, please fill out the form HERE

Deadline to submit your question is Monday, August 20th


I Was Made for Lovin' You Vow Renewal with Gene Simmons

The KISS Kruise is for lovers! The vow renewal is a staple of The KISS Kruise and after years of beautiful admissions of love between our kruisers, Gene Simmons, the Demon himself, wants to get in on this well-loved activity. 

Whether your love is romantic or platonic, Gene will officiate a ceremony that has something for everyone. Plus, this activity is general admission and does not require you to sign up to participate. Hooray!

Junior KISS Navy Air Guitar with Tommy Thayer

When it comes to shredding on the guitar, Tommy Thayer knows a thing or two. In this kids-only activity, the Spaceman will coach and mentor our youngest fan group* as they get wild and crazy strumming their air guitars on stage to KISS tunes!

You may sign your child up ahead of time using the form below. All children entered will get to participate in this special activity.

We know that the life of a KISS parent can be busy. If you don’t have a chance to sign up prior to sailing, feel free to just show up with your child* at the time listed for Air Guitar with Tommy Thayer on your schedule.

*entrants must be 14 years of age or under at the time of sailing

Enter your child HERE.

Drum Off with Eric Singer

Calling all drummers of The KISS Navy!  If you've got spot on timing, rockin' rhythm and two drumsticks, this is the competition for you! This Drum Off is your chance to show the one and only Eric Singer what you've got. 

Prior to sailing: Submit a 30 second video using the form HERE of you drumming your heart out. An expert team of drummers from The KISS Kruise VIII lineup will help us choose the top 10 drummers to demonstrate their talents on board.

How it will work on board: Each contestant from the Top 10 will perform drum beats from a selection of KISS songs chosen by Eric and his panel of expert judges from the KKVIII Lineup. The winning drummer will be chosen by Eric Singer with help from the panel of judges. 

Deadline to submit your video is Monday, August 20th.

KISS Family Feud with Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer

Survey says…members of the the KISS Kruiser family are in for a challenge and we want YOU to participate. Tommy and Eric will each lead a team of kruisers to take part in this family face-off. Three kruisers will be chosen via random lottery to round out each of the teams so sign-up using the form HERE for the chance to participate. 

Deadline to sign up is Monday, August 20th


More Amenities

Along with days and nights filled with musical performances, insanely fun activities will be a part of the experience, too! Many times you'll be playing right alongside your favorite artists. In addition to programming that we'll plan especially for this event, guests can enjoy the following amenities on Norwegian Jade:

Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs
Fitness Center
Jogging/Walking Track
Sports Court

Family friendly activities include Video Arcade, Rock Climbing Wall, Basketball or Soccer on the Sports Court, Shuffleboard, and Life Size Chess & Checkers!

Please note - due to the unique nature of this event, we may have to close certain venues and rooms unexpectedly. In the event that we need to close any of these areas we will notify guests as soon as possible. At times, notification may not be public until guests have arrived on board. 

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