When Can I Book?

What's an Earliest Booking Time?

It’s just our more fun way of saying “Tuesday at 2:45pm” or “Wednesday at 11:00am.” But really, it’s just what it sounds like! Your Earliest Booking Time (or EBT, since we’re all old friends now) is your first chance to book your stateroom. We spread them out over several days to provide you the best possible guest service experience during the booking process.

I am currently booked, or on the waiting list for The KISS Kruise XI, Week 2...

Guests who are currently booked on KKXI, Week 2 or on the waiting list will be given the first chance to book!

This group will be automatically assigned and emailed an EBT. Booking times are assigned by currently booked guests first, sorted by most times on The KISS Kruise, then by order of booking for Week 2. Then guests currently on the waiting list will get the chance to book, their EBTs will be assigned in order of time they joined the waiting list. 

I had an EBT for The KISS Kruise XI, Week 2, but didnt use it

The last group of guests who will be automatically assigned an EBT are those who had an EBT for KKXI (now Week 2) but didn't use it. 

I've sailed on past KISS Kruises, but missed out on booking for The KISS Kruise XI

The KISS Kruise alumni who didn't join the pre-sale for The KISS Kruise XI should join the pre-sale now! 

I'm new but I want to sail! 

Guests interested in sailing on Week 1 should join the pre-sale. Guests interested in sailing on Week 2 should join the waiting list.