Looking After Our Communities

We recognize we’re in the midst of uncertain times right now - times that call for extra flexibility, special value and an absolute assurance that your health and safety is being closely looked after. With these new options available to you, we hope you'll be able to vacation with confidence.

Your Safety

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Your Safety

Enhanced Health & Safety Measures

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings announced the launch of its SailSAFE health and safety program on April 5, 2021. SailSAFE is founded on the following three pillars and supported by a comprehensive set of additional measures designed to create a uniquely safe vacation environment:

1) Safety for guests and crew with vaccination requirements, universal COVID-19 testing and enhanced health screening protocols

2) Safety aboard with medical-grade air filtration, increased sanitation measures and enhanced medical resources

3) Safety ashore through the collaboration with land-based tour operator partners to extend health and safety measures to each destination.  

As these protocols evolve and additional information becomes available, updates will be published at www.ncl.com/safe

Given the continued public health concerns and our commitment to protecting guests, crew and the communities we visit, we are extending our vaccination policy requirement for the foreseeable future. As such, we will require all guests and crew to 1) be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to departure, 2) acknowledge vaccination status prior to sailing and 3) present proof of vaccination at the pier at embarkation in order to board.  Guests who are not old enough to be vaccinated per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)World Health Organization (WHO) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) are not permitted to sail. As science, technology and government regulations evolve, we will update our health and safety protocols as needed and appropriate.

For Norwegian Cruise Line’s comprehensive SailSAFE protocols and FAQs, please refer to ncl.com/sail-safe

Guests booked on or before April 6, 2021 who either cannot or choose not to be vaccinated by their sailing date for any reason will be given the option to request a Future Event Credit or a full refund, at their discretion.**

Guests booked on or before April 6, 2021 for Spring 2022 Sixthman sailings will be offered the same option of a refund should vaccines still be required for their sailing and they cannot be vaccinated for any reason prior to their event.**

All guests making reservations after April 6, 2021 will be asked to acknowledge at the time of booking that vaccines may be required and that refunds will not be offered.

**All eligible guests will be provided a window to make a cancellation request and will not be eligible for a Future Event Credit or a full refund once this window has closed. Please refer to the e-mail provided for specific dates.

The safety and security of our guests, crew and communities we visit is our number one priority. In order to provide the safest cruise experience possible, all guests and crew will need to be fully vaccinated for all sailings. Therefore, minors who have not yet been eligible to be vaccinated will not be permitted to sail on these voyages. Minors who meet the eligibility requirements set by FDA/WHO and/or EMA and who have been fully vaccinated are welcome to sail.

We are reviewing the newly released health updates provided by the U.S. FDA and CDC regarding the expansion of the age criteria to receive the vaccination and will provide additional details on any adjustments to our health and safety protocols as needed and appropriate. We look forward to welcoming our young guests back on board soon.

As an enhanced layer of safety on all Norwegian cruises with embarkation dates beginning February 2, 2022 – At time of check-in, all guests will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result administered by a verified third party within two days prior to boarding for cruises originating in a U.S. port and three days prior for voyages departing from a non-U.S. port. Guests are also responsible for complying with all local health and safety requirements which may include additional testing.

Should you need to locate a testing provider prior to beginning travel or while traveling prior to your cruise, please visit TestForTravel.com, an easy-to-use online tool for locating COVID-19 testing providers around the world.

Sixthman's Role

We want to ensure you stay informed about any new safety measures that will impact your vacation experience and we will continue to adapt to new regulations. We expect new protocols to continue changing and the planning for your event will continue evolving right alongside them. One measure we'll implement right away is saying goodbye to our beloved welcome high-fives. However, you can still count on a friendly Sixthman face upon your arrival to greet you and welcome you to the party!

Flexibility For You

Travel Protection Options

Yes! All guests are offered Travel Protection at the time of purchase. For more information on the policy offered – including the option of Cancel For Any Reason protection – please refer to sixthman.net/protection.

Yes. COVID-19 is treated the same as any other sickness for purposes of all coverages that are triggered by a sickness or that can reimburse losses resulting from a sickness – including death caused by sickness.

Please refer to the comprehensive FAQ our Travel Protection provider has put together on this topic for more information. 


Your original Travel Protection Premium will be automatically transferred to your new reservation with no action required by you. Should you upgrade your room you will also have the option to upgrade your policy to protect the new full amount. 


The total paid for your Travel Protection premium will be refunded to your original method of payment or issued via check. You will not be eligible for a future credit or refund of your premium if you have already had a claim paid out or have an active claim open with Travel Insured. You will have the option to purchase Travel Protection at the time of making your new reservation through Sixthman or Norwegian Cruise Line.

Yes, once your new reservation is created, you will be notified and invited to contact Sixthman directly to make any modifications. Travel Protection can be added at any time but we encourage you to consider purchasing within 21 days of receiving your confirmation in order to be eligible for certain time-sensitive benefits within the plan.

Postponement Options & Transfers

Once a cruise has been rescheduled, we’ll send you as much information as we can. In addition to the new dates, this may include ship, port of call, lineup and pricing information. As we're able to announce more complete information, we'll also let you know when your window to request a transfer or refund will open. At that time, the Lead Guest of the reservation will have approximately 2 weeks to select one of following options:

  • Transfer my reservation to the new dates (default selection)
  • Transfer my reservation to the new dates and add free beverage package (see beverage package information)
  • Cancel my reservation and provide a future Sixthman event credit
  • Cancel my reservation and provide a full refund of all monies paid to Sixthman

Need more time to decide? If your 2021 event is postponed, you have the option to transfer your reservation initially but change it to a cancellation before August 1, 2021. All cancellation requests after the initial two-week period will be processed no later than August 30, 2021.


As per the event ticketing contract, if you cancelled your reservation prior to the event postponement or cancellation, you are eligible for the options available at the time of your cancellation. Only guests with an active reservation at the time of postponement are eligible for refunds.

The Lead Guest may choose to transfer the entirety of the reservation and guests may work out payment reimbursement amongst each other for those that do not travel. Alternatively, the Lead Guest of the reservation may choose a full refund, and guests that wish to travel may re-book at a later time as a brand new booking (pending availability). The Lead Guest must select one option for the entirety of the reservation.

The Lead Guest of the reservation may choose a full refund, and guests that wish to travel may re-book at a later time as a brand new booking (pending availability). Alternatively, the Lead Guest may choose to transfer the entirety of the reservation and guests may work out payment reimbursement amongst each other. The Lead Guest must select one option for the entirety of the room.

Payment Options & Refunds

I paid in full
If you already paid in full, you’re done! No action needed unless you opt to add the Free Beverage Package. In that case, associated service charges would be added to your account.

I’m signed up for automatic recurring billing
You will need to contact Sixthman once the reservation is transferred to the newly scheduled event and we’ll set you up with a new recurring billing plan that allows you to finance your remaining balance over the extended period leading up to the new dates. This will result in much lower monthly payments.

I’m on the manual payment plan
All of your deposits will roll over to your new reservation and you’ll transition onto the payment plan for the rescheduled event. That means you’re already ahead of the curve on your payments! Additionally, you may contact our Guest Services team to switch to automatic recurring billing for lower monthly payments.

When all event details (pricing, lineup, dates, etc.) are announced you will have a 2 weeks window to request a refund or a Sixthman event credit. All refunds requested during this two week window will be processed within 30 days after the two week window closes.

If your 2021 cruise is postponed and you elect to transfer your reservation during the initial two week window, you will still have the option to cancel your reservation for a refund until August 1, 2021.

If your event is cancelled, refunds or credits will typically be processed within 30 days after the brief election window ends.

Cancellation Options

All deposits and payments are 100% non-refundable. If you wish to protect your investment, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel protection. For your convenience, we've teamed up with Travel Insured to offer two levels of protection: a standard travel protection policy and a 50% Cancel for Any Reason add-on policy directly through Sixthman. 

Travel Insured’s standard policy will reimburse cancellations at 100% of monies paid for covered cancellation reasons.*

Travel Insured’s Cancel For Any Reason add-on policy will reimburse up to 50% of monies paid when cancelling for any reason not covered by the standard policy when cancelled at least 48 hours prior to sailing.*


*Review our Travel Insured travel protection policy details. If you have travel protection and need to cancel for a covered condition, you may make a claim with Travel Insured (or your own policy provider should you choose to purchase travel protection through another supplier) to recover any lost payments.



You’ll receive an email with these options if your event is cancelled:

  • Transfer monies paid towards a future credit to be used on a Sixthman event sailing before December 31, 2024.
  • Receive a full refund of all monies paid to Sixthman. You’ll be provided a brief window of time to make your selection and refunds will be processed within approximately 30 days.

No. The above policies do not apply to the TCM Classic Cruise for which Sixthman provides reservations services only but is not the owner/promoter of the event.

More For You

Beverage Packages

Beverage packages will be available for purchase 4 - 6 weeks prior to sailing at sixthman.net/account

  • Premium Beverage Package ($99 USD per person per day)
  • Corks and Caps ($65 USD per person per day)
  • Soda Package (7.95 USD per person per day)

All prices are subject to change

You will be charged 20% service charge at the time the package is added.
Contact us for more information on Free Beverage Packages if your event was postponed in 2020 or 2021. Reservations made on Cayamo 2022 through May 21st, 2021 will have the option to add a Free Beverage Package at the time of booking. 

Please visit sixthman.net/beverages for more details on each beverage package!