The exact performance schedule of all bands on The KISS Kruise IX lineup will be released prior to the kruise. You can count on each band playing multiple shows occurring on multiple stages!

KISS will play a Pool Deck Show for all of The KISS Navy. This show is general admission for every guest to attend.

KISS Indoor Ticketed Shows

KISS will also perform two nights in the Stardust Theater. Two guests in each cabin will receive KISS Indoor Show tickets for one night. As of April 11, 2019, 3rd/4th/5th show tickets are no longer available for purchase.  All cabins will receive a maximum of 2 show tickets. 

Also available for up to 2 guests per cabin is the option to forfeit your KISS Indoor Show ticket for $250 of onboard credit*. For those traveling with someone who might not be as passionate about KISS, select the “Ticket Forfeit” option in the seat selection step during booking.  This option is only available for reservations choosing less than 2 show tickets.

*All onboard credit will be applied by the second night of sailing, however, you will still need to put down some method of payment for purchases on the first night.

All other shows on board will be general admission, so you can come and go as you please.

May I purchase tickets to the other KISS Indoor Show?
No. There is a maximum of one show ticket available per person.

How does the Pit Section Work?

So you have one of those coveted spots in the pit? Sweet! Here’s how the pit process will work for The KISS Kruise IX.

  • The Pit does NOT have spots assigned within the pit area. However, you'll be assigned a pit line entry number based on booking date and time. Earliest booking time = first in line.
  • Show up to your scheduled indoor KISS show 30 mins prior to doors. PIT guests will line up in front of the Stardust Theater Deck 6, STARBOARD Side.

When the theater is ready, PIT guests will be the first to enter.  We will allow entrance into the theater in small groups. For example, numbers 1-15 will enter the theater first. Once that group is all settled, we will then let in the next group, numbers 16-30 and so on. 

Review the Concert Venue Maps.

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