Beasto Blanco

A band and an audience united in one inseparable union of musical thunder and sensational spectacle: Welcome to the world of Beasto Blanco. Whether illuminated in the spotlights of cavernous arenas or headlining packed theaters and clubs on their recent “US” tour, the band’s mission is unwavering: to create an immersive experience where everyone is welcome to join an extended family whose support is unconditional and authentic.

Since its founding, Beasto Blanco has riveted worldwide audiences: in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, France, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, Norway and the UK; at sea with the
“Monsters of Rock” cruise, and across distant points of the North American heartland, from Anchorage to Los Angeles.

At the forefront of Beasto Blanco stands a potent triumvirate. Band co-founder, front man, lead vocalist and guitarist Chuck Garric, distinguished by his notable legacy as a touring and recording musician, is a creative force of nature. “Beasto Blanco is my inner beast, my Hulk, my Wolfman, the thing that I turn into when I hit the stage,” he says.
Chris “Brother” Latham is a consummate musician whose dexterous guitar artistry weaves rich orchestral frameworks for the band’s intricate arrangements. A native Alaskan, he recalls that the first musician he met when he arrived in Los Angeles was Chuck Garric. This bond became a band when they co-founded Beasto Blanco in 2012.
Resplendent in eye - popping, self -imagined costumes is vocalist Calico Cooper. With extensive onstage and onscreen experience, Calico is a compelling and empowered rock goddess whose bravura vocals mirror an electrifying onstage image.
Combined with touring and recording stalwarts Jan LeGrow on bass, and drummer Sean Sellers, anchoring the colossal rhythm section, Beasto Blanco proves to be a guided force defying the grips of Rock n’ Roll gravity.
With their newest full - length released titled ‘We Are’, Beasto Blanco blends a sweeping spectrum of aural colors into a vivid sonic palette. Written by Chuck along with his wife, lyricist Lindsay Garric and Brother Latham.With producer Ryan Green at the helm, Beasto Blanco’s ‘We Are’ reveals a band at the peak of its powers, whose formidable artistry is distinguished by intelligence, melodicism and musicality.
But make no mistake: The primal Beasto Blanco elements remain the essential core of ‘We Are’. Fans of the band’s previous releases – Live FastDie Loud , their self - titled Billboard charting follow -up, and their incendiary Live from Berlin , recorded at the Mercedes - Benz arena in Berlin, Germany during the band’s tour with BöhseOnkelz, will revel in the intensity of the band’s blazing alchemy of real songs, anthemic choruses and sterling musicianship.
Chuck and Calico’s enigmatic chemistry formulates the axis of Beasto Blanco’s onstage appeal. Chuck says,“Calico and I don’t plan what happens. You never know what she’s going to do. She’s a free spirit.”On the new release, listeners will experience more of Calico both singing lead on selected tracks, and sharing verses with Chuck who confirms, “The contrast of Calico’s vocal charm and charisma with my low vocal growl adds sonic elements both to the record and our live show.”
In a genre where a powerful female presence is rare, Calico Cooper notes that her role as the band’s high priestess serves as an inspiring archetype. “I get approached by women saying, ‘Thank you for being so strong and so powerful,’” she qualifies. Her interaction with Chuck – whom she is known to chase across the stage with a spiked bat -- engages the audience with a dynamic that blurs the line between combat and romance.
More than a band, the members of Beasto Blanco consider their music to be a sound track for an expansive community. "We’re a lifestyle band, bringing culture back to rock and roll with this style of music, by what we do and also  who we are,” says Brother Latham. “We call our fans ‘loyal beasts,’ continues Chuck. “They can reach out to each other, and always look out for one another just like any good pack would.”
Concludes Calico Cooper, “If you are a blue collar person who gets up and busts your ass everyday or if you're a working mother who doesn't get any sleep, then you're in the tribe. We write about people who are downtrodden and overlooked, but they don't say ' hey, look at me.' They have a silent strength to them - and they make he world go round."
We are, Beasto Blanco