Cil City

Cil City – Crazy, Intense, Loud!

Established in 2014 to conquer the rock music scene with a unique blend of a booming and powerful female lead voice, heavy guitar riffs and raw beats. Cil City released their first collection of originals with their debut album "Red Ocean" in 2015, paying tribute to the legendary sound of Classic Rock. Soon the band performed at renowned events such as Nova Rock Festival, Frequency Festival and Full Metal Mountain, besides touring Europe at a regular basis.

Cil City released their second album Jump off the Cliff in 2019, which was heavily inspired by the sound of the 80s Rock and Metal legends. Jump off the Cliff was followed by various singles and live tracks.

In 2022 the new Single “Crossing the Line”, featuring the gifted scream vocalist Rudi Schwarzer of german metal band Annisokay, was released. The bands newly developed sound, containing elements of Metal and Progressive as well as Pop influences, was the consequence of compulsive evolution after years of experience and experimenting.

Cil City's energetic music and sexy show create the perfect rock party, making the crowd go wild!